11th December 2018

Two new versions of CASTEP 17.2, available by first loading module load site-local-development. Flavour 04 is a more optimised version of the existing versions installed. 05 is as 04 but OpenMP parallelisation only, no MPI. These are currently untested.

10th December 2018

The consortium login node was rebooted due to applications causing memory exhaustion and issues with the SLURM daemon.

7th December 2018

  • New version of DL_POLY Classic 1.9 installed. To use, module load site-local-development dlpoly_classic/1.9/10. Currently untested.
  • New version of PETSC, compiled with Intel 2018.2.199 and Intel MKL. Use module load site-local-development petsc/3.7.6/02. Currently untested.
  • New version of libzmq installed (0MQ). Use module load site-local-development libzmq/4.2.1/02.. This uses intel/mpi/64/2018.2.199.. Currently untested.
  • New version of pyzmq installed. Use module load site-local-development python/pyzmq/16.0.2/py27/02.. Uses the new version of 0MQ. Currently untested.

5th December 2018

GPFS servers patched to 4.2.3-9. A few stale file handles were initially experienced, but this should now be resolved.

16th July 2018

Quantum Espresso module quantum-espresso/6.1/1 runs slowly. This is being investigated.

25th September 2017

System open for full consortium operation

June 2017

HPC Midlands+ Makes Top 500